Be like the PRINTBANK family!

We’ve just launched a snappy social media campaign for PRINTBANK, our powerful yet affordable online web to print procurement system, simplifying the purchasing process of print and consumables for all types of businesses.


Anyone can use PRINTBANK


Our fun campaign is based around the creation of the PRINTBANK family, a group of relatable characters, all with different business backgrounds and personalities.

The idea is whilst some people (“be like”) have bought into the benefits that PRINTBANK can bring to their particular business, some are more reluctant (“don’t be like”), as they don’t understand or are just afraid of change. Through informative visuals and fun videos, the campaign reinforces that with our support anyone can use PRINTBANK and there are various time and cost benefits for any type of business.

The PRINTBANK family tells you that all your print and marketing consumables can be ordered in a few clicks and your selected items with you next day!


Tremendous value

Our web to print system helps you have control of your brand, manage your stock control, save on waste and is available 24/7. Other features such as editable items and integrated print management means PRINTBANK adds tremendous value to your business. Easy payment options including PayPal also adds to the user friendly experience.


Booking a free demo

There’s are easy ways to book a free demonstration on every post – either through the PRINTBANK website or by clicking a button when viewing the videos.

For more information call the PRINTBANK team on 01282 877922 or contact us today for your free demo!


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