New digital ‘game changer’ for Printoff Graphic Arts Ltd

Here at Printoff HQ, we’ve been busy in our Digital Print Department, and we don’t just mean printing! We’ve now completed the installation of a top-of-the-range high volume, digital cut sheet production press. Producing twice the maximum monthly volume of its predecessor, it’s one of the “new babies” from trusted technology leader, Ricoh who’ve an impressive track record for innovative and sustainable business solutions.

So, what does this mean for our clients?

  • We save you money! With the ability to print a longer sheet (330 x 700mm) we can print jobs digitally which previously simply didn’t fit on the press.
  • We provide better quality! By printing on heavier and even textured stocks, giving you that premium quality feel at a more cost effective rate than counterpart lithographic presses.
  • We offer more product flexibility! We can print digitally onto envelopes (C5+) and NCR sets too, giving us more scope to produce the variety of print you need at prices to please.

“We’re super excited about this revolutionary piece of kit and what it means for us as a business. With double the speed, improved print quality and colour consistency plus a whole host of other awesome features and benefits (a bit too ‘techy’ to go into in detail), it’s definitely a game changer – and we already love it…..” says Jane Cleaver, Managing Director.

…..and, so do Go Outdoors!

The UK’s biggest outdoor equipment and clothing supplier with 57 stores, all different in size with different promotional requirements, marketing collateral for each store was being channelled through many different personnel and stretching their internal resources. Go Outdoors referred to this as a ‘constant headache’ as well as an expensive process.

Enter ‘PRINTBANK’ our own web to print solution, which gives every store 24/7 access to their marketing collateral, helps reduce waste and management time whilst offering significant cost savings too. PRINTBANK uses a combination of lithographic printing and digital printing depending on the specification of the project.

Go OutdoorsGo Outdoors immediately saw the benefits PRINTBANK would bring them and initially signed up to a 3 month trial period for 20 stores. This has been so successful, it’s now been rolled out to the remaining 37 stores.

PRINTBANK has enabled Go Outdoors to arrange stock, print on demand, editable, uploadable and downloadable products as well as non-print products to cover all of their marketing and promotional needs. We’re pleased to say that all 57 Go Outdoors stores are now actively using PRINTBANK as part of their daily management process.

Mark Judge, Procurement Director for Go Outdoors said:

“After the constant headache of Print, Consumable and Equipment needs coming from 57 stores with very different wants and needs on a daily basis, we needed some help!

Printoff’s online print solution PRINTBANK was the answer to all our frustration. It eliminated so many touch points from our marketing team and gave autonomy back to the Store Managers, so they control exactly what they want for their store when they want it.