Printoff working together with local businesses

Printoff Graphic Arts Ltd are excited to announce we have recently started working with two local companies, Wellocks and Pendleside Hospice.

Wellocks of Lomeshaye, Lancashire, is a quality supplier of both fresh and dry ingredients that is sourced from all over the country and abroad, mainly from local producers and farms that, like Printoff, take pride in what they produce. They started their love affair with the food trade 62 years ago in 1946 and have continued to thrive and grow ever since.

Pendleside Hospice are a registered charity providing for the special needs of adults with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. The purpose of a hospice is to improve the quality of life for its patients. This is achieved by the provision of specialist medical and nursing care and the provision of social, emotional and spiritual support for patients and their family and carers. Care is given free of charge to those who need it.

Printoff are extremely pleased to be working with Wellocks and Pendleside Hospice, we hope to build a long standing and successful relationship with them both.